Maintaining Your Teeth and Implants

Protect your investment

You have taken this step to save or replace your teeth because you value your smile.  Now let us help you maintain your oral health!

People who have healthy teeth and gums require cleanings about 2x per year.  If you have a history of gum disease or significant tooth loss, you may need to have periodontal mainenance 3-4x per year in order to prevent relapse.

Implants are your second chance at having teeth, and as such they need to be maintained to remain healthy.  We have many tools and techniques to show you.  Talk to us about the best ways to clean your new teeth!

If you find that you have trouble keeping your teeth or implants clean, please let us know.  You don't want to wait until it hurts, as by that time it is usually too late.

Click here to schedule a maintenance visit.

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